Patrick Talks with ‘The Coveteur’

    Patrick was featured on The Coveteur website, where they discuss his style, his photography, and directing for the first time. Check out the photos and article below!

    We have this problem, probably one that we have in common with the rest of our Netflix-watching, pop culture-consuming world, where we essentially think of actors as being one in the same as their TV characters. Tina Fey and Liz Lemon, Leighton Meester and Blair Waldorf. And we’re pretty sure Sarah Jessica Parker actually believes she’s Carrie (witness her fearlessness when it comes to wearing stirrup leggings. SJP, hate to break it to you, but even Carrie would have struggled with that one). And yes, the actors of Suits also fall into this trap. Along with being the vehicle with which we imagine ourselves taking an alternative career path in the area of high stakes corporate law (Hollywood makes it so fun!), we also can’t help but picture its very cute protagonist, the genius savant Mike Ross, being one in the same as Patrick J. Adams.

    But we shouldn’t have thought so fast, because if you look into Adams (a cursory Google search will do) you’ll find there’s a fair amount more to the guy than, well, a suit. And when we arrived at his condo in Toronto’s Queen West neighborhood (he’s from our hometown, you guys—how could we not?), it was to find there was most definitely more to the guy than a suit. In fact, there was nary a notable suit in sight.

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      USA sets January return dates for ‘Suits,’ ‘Sirens’

    Fans won’t have to wait too long into 2015 to discover what’s happened to the balance of power at Pearson Specter.

    USA has announced the return dates for two of its series, Suits and Sirens. Suits, coming off its midseason cliffhanger, will pick up Mike and Louis’ story on Jan. 28 to finish out the remainder of the fourth season.

    Suits fans also have an already announced fifth season to look forward to in 2015.

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      ‘Suits’ season 4: Patrick J. Adams, cast prepare for the end (for now)

    We’re gearing up to the end of “Suits” season 4, at least from the production side of things. This is a cause of excitement, but also that bittersweet reminder that there are only going to be six more episodes we get to see between now and probably July.

    Patrick J. Adams posted recently on Twitter about nearing the finish line, but he removed the tweet and posted something new upon realizing that he made a flaw with his hashtag game. Instead, he shared the message below:

    First of all, social media would tell you tonight that Kim Kardashian broke the internet, though we dispute that out of frustration at mankind. (Fun fact: We saw “#breaktheinternet trending hoping that it would be a funny cat video, and suffice it to say, we were gravely disappointed.)

    Anyhow, there are many great things to look forward to from Adams in the final six episodes this season, including an episode that he directed, and another featuring his fiancee Troian Bellisario as a woman from Mike’s past. Both should be exciting for different reasons, and story-wise, we are still waiting to see whether or not Louis Litt decides to make a big move against the firm after learning the truth about Mike’s qualifications.

    Speaking of waiting, we’re also still doing that in terms of when “Suits” is going to return to TV. We’re going to let you know that as soon as we can.

    For those of you who are still worried about the long-term future of “Suits,” remember that it already has a fifth-season renewal. Also, with many other USA shows struggling right now in the ratings, it is really the best thing the network has going. It’ll be staying put for a while.

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      Patrick discusses life, the whirlwind of fame & making his directorial debut

    On a recent sunny Sunday morning last month, Patrick J. Adams was enjoying a rare day off milling about on Queen West. He strolled to Trinity Bellwoods Park, only to stumble on David Suzuki speaking from a makeshift stage to an assembled crowd. As a fan of Suzuki, Adams slipped into the crowd to take in the happenings.

    “I was watching David Suzuki, thinking, ‘That’s great — he’s amazing. I’m so glad I’m seeing him speak,’ ” recalls Adams. But the 33-year-old North Toronto actor was not alone with his thoughts for long. Adams is no longer just another face in the crowd.

    “Then all of a sudden one of their PR people sees me,” he explains, “and says, ‘We really want you to meet David.’ I’m sitting there on a Sunday, I just kind of woke up late, and then here I am talking to David Suzuki!”

    As Adams wraps up filming on the fourth season of his hit legal drama series Suits — which has already been green-lighted for a fifth season by the network — his life has taken on certain undeniable characteristics of fame. He is regularly recognized on the street as his alter ego, Mike Ross, the legal wunderkind with praiseworthy morals who never actually went to law school.

    “There are strange, wonderful things that happen by virtue of having this sort of television fame, for sure,” says Adams. But he is also candid about certain challenges that are part of the package.

    “Some things are not wonderful, though, like getting accosted in moments where you’re trying to be more private.”

    Some such moments probably include Adams’s equally famous fiancée, Troian Bellisario, who currently stars on the mystery show Pretty Little Liars. The couple have a house in Los Angeles, and Adams divides his time between there and Toronto where Suits is filmed.

    “She’s based in L.A. and works 15 minutes from our front door, and I work 3,000 miles from it,” Adams quips.

    He is quick to acknowledge, however, that the good fortune of his position far outweighs any of the obstacles in his path.

    Adams set his sights on acting from a young age, choosing to hoof it up to Northern Secondary School from his home in the Beaches in order to take advantage of their world-class theatre program.

    Armed with his drama skills, Adams followed up with a theatre degree from the University of Southern California and converted it into the kind of TV success that many actors spend their entire lives chasing.

    “I think the spirit of an actor is wandering in nature. You’re not used to spending so much time in one world,” Adams says, “and that definitely comes with its struggles.”

    “But at the end of the day, I’m always just absurdly grateful for the chance just to be employed and get to be acting.”

    Adams attributes some of this reasoned perspective to mentorship he’s received along the way. He singles out Rick Hoffman (who Suits fans will recognize as Mike Ross’s rival Louis Litt) as an on-set force for good: Hoffman is one of the most experienced members of the ensemble and is quick to remind other cast members how rare and valuable their success is.

    Adams’s inner circle has also played a part in keeping him grounded. “I feel like I have a really incredible family and group of friends and community,” he says. “They’ve all remained just as supportive as they were when I wasn’t working and normalized it all for me.”

    The other way Adams has been keeping his celebrity status from going to his head is by working non-stop. By the end of the current Suits shoot, he will have been acting for nine months straight.

    When he was done shooting season three, Adams decided to venture into uncharted territory and take a leading role in a small, independent film. Car Dogs, which also features Nia Vardalos and Octavia Spencer, takes place during one day on the floor of a car dealership, with Adams’s character doing the selling.

    “It was sort of an experiment for me to see if I could go and do more work after a full season of Suits without going completely nuts because I get so tired,” says Adams. “And it was successful. I was exhausted … but I did it!”

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      Patrick Adams Online Turns 3 Today!

    Patrick Adams Online, your number one news site for Patrick J. Adams has turned 3 today!

    First off, we’d like to thank Patrick for being the inspiration for this site. He has grown so much as an actor, since we opened this site 3 years ago when Suits was in it’s first season. He’s gone on to be one other TV shows, successful movies and now he’s engaged to another talented actress. Here’s to any more roles and continued success for Patrick.

    Secondly, we’d like to thank you guys, the fans for visiting the site, contributing news, and following us on our social media pages to help spread the word on Patrick.

    And finally, we’d like to thank Starszz & Hollywood, out fan site host who have been so great to us with all the technical support and hosting our site on their servers.

    Keep coming back to the site for more news about Patrick’s upcoming projects here at Patrick Adams Online!

      YYZ Magazine Scans Added

    I’ve added the scans of Patrick’s article in the seventh issue of YYZ Magazine!


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      Behind The Scenes of Patrick’s YYZ Cover Shoot

    Check out this Behind The Scenes video of Patrick during the YYZ Magazine Issue 7 cover shoot!

      Patrick Featured in Issue 7 of YYZ LIVING Magazine

    Check out Patrick in issue 7 of YYZ Living Magazine! His story is featured on pages 70-74!

      ‘Suits’ season 4 spoilers: Patrick J. Adams finishes directorial debut

    When you are still at least two months away from the return of “Suits” to television, it is not always easy to get a whole lot of news related to what is going to happen.

    However, that changes a little today! In the post below on Instagram, series star Patrick J. Adams confirmed that he has finished up directing the 14th episode of season 4, which is the first time that he has taken on this role for the show. (He joins Gabriel Macht as stars-turned-directors for the show.)

    As for what you can expect on Adams’ episode, it is a little too early to tell. What we at least know going into these final six episodes is that Mike is now back at the firm, but he may be in trouble courtesy of Louis Litt knowing the truth about who he really is. For Adams, there is a little bit of fun coming courtesy of an appearance from his real-life fiancee Troian Bellisario, who is going to play the part of a woman from Mike’s past.

    What we hope for from Mike the rest of this season is that things stabilize a little bit with him and Rachel, and in the end, this leads to some more career success for him. There is going to be a fifth season, so there is no real reason to rush anything.


      Patrick continuing to mix his television shows with his movie roles
    • Patrick J. Adams is a talented and experienced actor
    • He has been in a lot of television shows and movies
    • Patrick like to mix his big screen and small screen work

    Hollywood actor Patrick J. Adams has been in the acting industry for a number of years now, working hard at making a name for himself in the industry, appearing in a number of television shows and movies along the way. Patrick is now a very recognisable face, giving us some strong acting performances over the past few years.


    During the course of his career, Patrick J. Adams has appeared in television shows such as Friday Night Lights, Lost, Heartland, Ghost Whisperer, Lie to Me, and Pretty Little Liars. Meanwhile, he has also been in movies including Old School, Weather Girl, The Waterhole, and 6 Month Rule, among others. However, it is fair to say that Patrick is best known for his role as Mike Ross in the hit television series Suits.
    Patrick J. Adams is not finished there though, as he still has plenty more projects coming up in the future. As well as continuing in his role as Mike Ross in Suits, Patrick will also appear in the upcoming mini-series Rosemary’s Baby. There is also the movie Car Dogs, which will see Adams appear alongside Octavia Spencer, George Lopez, and Nia Vardalos, with the movie awaiting an official release date.
    There is no denying that Patrick J. Adams is a very talented actor, who has enjoyed a long and successful acting career to date but still has the potential to go even further in Hollywood. We could see Patrick taking on the role of the leading man on the big screen in a Hollywood blockbuster in the near future.


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    Suits is a USA Network drama created by Aaron Korsh that stars Patrick J. Adams as Michael "Mike" Ross and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter. The series is set at Pearson Hardman, a fictitious law firm in New York City. Mike, once a college scholarship recipient and on his way to becoming a law student at Harvard University, was kicked out of college for selling the answers to a math test he had memorized, ruining his chances of attending law school. Mike instead makes a living as a bicycle messenger, and is convinced by his friend, Trevor, to take part in a marijuana deal.
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    Malcolm is a brilliant, callous businessman who is a vicious, overbearing father. Mark is the sales manager at Chamberlain Auto, the dealership that promises to do "Whatever It Takes" to put you in a new car. But on a scorching hot Saturday in the middle of the Phoenix summer, Mark has a chance to get his own dealership - and out from under the thumb of his father. Mark has to sell thirty-five cars by the end of the day. The question: Will Mark do whatever it takes - including betraying his sales team and himself - to get what he wants?
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    Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse move into an apartment in a building with a bad reputation. They discover that their neighbours are a very friendly elderly couple named Roman and Minnie Castevet, and Guy begins to spend a lot of time with them. Strange things start to happen: a woman Rosemary meets in the laundry dies a mysterious death, Rosemary has strange dreams and hears strange noises and Guy becomes remote and distant. Then Rosemary falls pregnant and begins to suspect that her neighbours have special plans for her child.
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